Dice in Dice Yatzy


Dice in Dice Yatzy is based on the classic game Yahtzee™. The major difference is that instead of normal six sided dice you use special double dice, where a smaller die is inside each larger transparent die. Your goal is to get a combination each with the inner and outer dice. You roll six double dice, but only use five of each. Each time it’s your turn you will enter two results on your scorepad.

You can now buy the game at the store Dragons Lair and at Alphaspel. Both have stores in Stockholm, Sweden, and online stores. Now also on World of Boardgames, online or store in Umeå, Gamemaniacs, online or store in Lidköping and Datadoktorn online.

If you live too far from Stockholm, email us and we will send you the game:
US $15 + shipping $11 (outside EU)
13€ incl 25% VAT + shipping 7,50€ (Within EU)
115 SEK + shipping 54 SEK (within Sweden only)

Stores and distributors please contact us for wholesale prices.

You will also find the game on Boardgamegeek.com.

tysk-02Deutsche regeln. Übersetzt von Michaela Rydén und Ludwig Seitz. Blatt zum notieren der Punkte.
engelsk-02English rules. Translated by Per Landberger and Ken Mack. Score sheet.
fransk-02Règles Françaises. Traduites par Stéphane Athimon et Natacha Athimon-Constant. Feuille de score.
hollandsk-02Nederlandse vertaling door Alwin Derijck en Roger Wolf. Scoreformulier.
japansk-02日本語版ルール 翻訳:けんけん 得点表
rysk-02Правила по-русски. Перевод Шаповаловой Валентины. Счетная таблица.
sverige-02Svenska Regler av Per Landberger. Poängblad.
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