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Croquinole details
Croquinole uppifrån
Here are some pictures of a Croquinole game I made. Sofar I have made two of theese, both look the same.

The game surface and the gutter is actually made from a kitchen cupboard siding from IKEA! They have a lot of great cheap material for all kinds of woodworking at IKEA’s bargain corner. The pegs are also from IKEA, they are pins for assembling cupboards. I’ve cut the head off and pulled a thin plastic tube over it. The edge of the playing surface and the rim are made of oak that I have bent after soaking them in water for a couple of weeks to make them soft. First time I did this I had them in plastic drain pipes that were to thin so when the wood swelled they got stuck and I had to cut them out. The lines are milled out and filled with a paste usually used to fill cracks in boat decks. Finally the surfaces are varnished several times and polished with oil and fine steel wool to make them very smooth and slippery.