Special orders

Johans scoreboardsI also make things on special order. Here is a picture of a special scoreboard that I made in six copies for a game designer who use it for prototyping.

At the bottom of the picture you see an almost finished board. Only thing left to do is to glue the sides on. The white lath to the left can be slided off and replaced. A finished board have colored lath representing the player color. When completed it will have numbers for the rows in the “hole board” (1-10). The hole board is lose and might be replaced with one with different layout. Below the hole board there will be different cardboard tiles for different games. Then you use pegs to mark current values.

The picture shows parts of how I made the boards. On the top of the picture there is a block of wood which I drilled the holes in and then sliced to get the hole boards. Unfortunately you can only drill an inch or so before the drill starts bending so I had to drill, slice and drill again.

The board with the groove for the hole board is milled out of a long board which I cut in appropriate lengths. As you see also the white lath is made from a long piece and cut to fit. The groove for the white lath has angled sides to keep it in place. The lath’s will be painted with different colors for different players.

The darker wood is oak and the white is aspen. The score lath’s are painted and polished with oil and fine steel wool, the rest will be oiled. Everything on this picture is not treated though.

Sometimes I also make bigger things like furniture.

This is a bed headboard I made for some friends.

The first two pictures show the progress and how it’s built. The front boards are oaken floor boards made to look like an old ship deck. The headbord also has electrical outlets for reading lamps and phone charges. You can see those on the sides. The pine frame is supposed to be stained black, but that job I left for the owners to finish.


Here I have made a card stand for the game Western Legends. The front of the comparments is made from clear acrylic plastic to be able to see the cards in full. You can see the original card stand in cardbox behind.