When you play boardgames it’s common that scoring is done with a pawn on a scale along the edge of the board. There is a risk you accidentally move the pawn or bump the table so the pawn moves and you don’t know where it was. for that reason I started making scoreboards for safe scoring. the idea I “stole” from cribbage boards. I usually make boards with a 100 point lap that work with most games, but I have also made boards for specific games.

Below is a generic board with a 100p lap. You use two pegs to keep your score. The formost one shows your actual score, but instead of pulling that one out when you are to add to your score, and forget where you were, you use the peg behind and count up from the front peg. This way you’re always safe and you also know how much you scored last time. There is a third peg to keep track at the side of how many laps you have made. The reason there are more lanes in the begining is to make room for more players. Theese boards have seven lanes that narrows down to four. In most games it’s unusual that everyone has the same points at the same time in a game so four lanes is enough. A board with seven lanes all around would have been too large.

I like this one where the knag is in line with the score lanes.

Simple version with nylon pegs. They come in ten colors so it works with most games.

Luxury version with larger metal pegs. There are five colors, but Aluminium and Stainless steel are very similar.

In Stockholm Sweden you can buy theese at the stores Dragons Lair or Alphaspel.