Custom 2This was the first box I ever made for Dominion. It har room for the base game and two expansions. That’s all there was at that time. I had downloaded the index cards from The box is made from oiled oak lined on the inside with artificial suede.

Custom 1

Mickes 6

Here’s another box. The aspen wood dot’s are there so you know which way to put the top on. The box is made from oiled oak, lined on the inside with artificial suede.


The first box I made for myself. It holds all expansions up to Cornucopia The black oak stripe is certainly a nice detail but the reason it’s there is because first I made the top too low and needed to add some height. The rest of the box is made of “ordinary” oak, lined on the inside with artificial suede. Inside it’s oiled but on the outside I have chosen to varnish it to protect it from moisture. As usual the varnish is polished with oil and fine steel wool. All Dominion boxes I have made since are treated this way. I’ve also designed the index cards. At the far left corner there is a compartment thats twice as wide as the others. It fits the boards for Seaside for example.

This is the latest design of boxes for Dominion. It holds all expansions up to “Guilds” even with sleeved cards and still has plenty of room for tokens and boards. Without sleeves there is room also for “Adventures”. It has the same layout as the box above, but I have added two more pairs of compartments to hold all expansions. For my own box I have made small inserts to hold tokens and dice used to randomize cards. They show on some of the pictures. When I made this I had run out of marine blue artificial suede and the store only had red so the blue fabric I used on some of the boxes are a thin nylon something that was really hard to apply because it was so thin and had no stretch. Since then I only use artificial suede for this kind of lining, much easier to handle.

One large box (13 compartments) with blue cloth but without inserts is available for purchase at the store Dragons Lair in Stockholm.