Dubbelyatzy-frontUS $15 + shipping $11 (outside EU)
13€ incl 25% VAT + shipping 7,50€ (Within EU)
115 SEK + shipping 36 SEK (within Sweden only)

Spiel ’13 special fair offer: 10€.
At Spiel ’13 in Essen we offer DubbelYatzy for a special fair price of 10€. Preorder before october 20 and make sure you get a copy. Payment at pickup only.
(We will withdraw this offer if the boat from China is delayed)

Delivery will probably start in late october (after Spiel ’13).

Since we are a small hobby company all orders will be expedited in order of arrival, manually and individually. We do not ensure delivery times and if we cannot handle all orders yours might be cancelled. In that case you will receive an email with information. You will never be charged any money until we are sure we can deliver.

VAT is not added when shipping outside the European Union. If you prefer to pay with US $ from within EU that is ok to me, but 25% VAT will be added.

Shipping within europe is €7,50.
Shipping outside europe is $11.

Retailers and distributors please contact us for wholesale quotes.

Preorder by sending an email to us.
Include name, address, and how many games you want. We do offer combined shipping for multiple games. When the games are available you will be contacted on email with payment instructions. Until then you are free to cancel your order at any time.